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Why is he name after a number?
Ah, the puzzling question everyone has when they first hear about Se7en.
Before his debut, his company have thought about the possible stage
name (from letters to numbers, including 7) that would be suitable for
Choi Dong Wook. While eating at a restaurant with YG, they noticed there
were 7 pieces of radish kimchi on his plate. So, they confirmed Se7en’s
name from that.
The number 7 is also considered as a lucky number in Korea. Se7en
wants to spread luck through his music with everyone. He also believes
his fans give him luck, so that’s why his fanclub is named Lucky Se7en.

Why wasn’t the “All Night” music video released in 2006?
The “All Night” MV that featured the female singer, Ivy, was cancelled.
YG was not satisified with the results. It was planned for a re-shoot,
but it never happened. The video was finally released in 2007 due to a
request from Se7en to YG. This is a gift to his Korean fans for July
7th, 2007 since he was not able to be with them on that day.

Is his tattoo real?
Yes. He has one tattoo of a G Clef symbol with wings on his left arm. It
means that he wishes to fly to his music. He got the tattoo somewhere
between 2004-2005. In the drama, Goong S, his tattoo was covered for his

Does he have any piercings?
He has 2 piercings - one on each ear

Does he write any songs?
Se7en has written and composed a few songs on his 3rd and 4th Korean
albums. Please visit the 24/SE7EN and Se7olution album threads for more

What is the address for YG Entertainment’s main office?
It is recommend to use the Korean address. The name in brackets [ ] indicates which person at YG you want to send your mail to.

서울시 마포구 합정동 371-26번지
덕양빌딩 3층 [세븐]앞
우편번호: 121-884
(South Korea)

Seoul Mapo-Gu Hapjung-Dong 371-26
DukYang Building 3F
PO Box: 121-884
Seoul, Korea

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