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 안녕하세요 ~~

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안녕하세요   ~~ Empty
PostSubject: 안녕하세요 ~~   안녕하세요   ~~ EmptyTue Jan 22, 2013 3:06 pm

안녕.카테리나-야 ^^
Eimai apaisia stis eisagwges opote Q/A it is ^^

Name: Katerina
Favourite group: Agaphmeno? *Mou bazete duskola akoma den hr9a ^^* Mmmmmm.. Epik High
Hobby: Na asxoloumai me oti exei sxesh me thn Korea, rollerblading, na ma9ainw kainourgia pragmata, na paizw WoW, na akouw mousikh, na diabazw manga/manhwa kai na efeuriskw apeirous tropous gia na mhn diabasw gia thn sxolh ^^

First kpop song I listened to: Nobody by WG
First fav kpop girlband: 2NE1
First fav kpop boyband: DBSK/TVXQ!
New boybands I like-Debut in 2011or later: B.A.P., Block B, BTOB, B1A4, C-Clown, 100%, CROSSGENE
Old boybands I like-Debut before2011:Epik High, CNBLUE, BIGBANG, SuJu, DBSK, B2ST, 2PM, MBLAQ, INFINITE, Teen Top, JYJ, SS501
New girlbands I like-Debut in 2011 or later: Spica, EXID, HELLOVENUS, D-Unit, EvoL, AOA, FIESTAR, The Seeya, GLAM
Old girlbands I like-Debut before 2011: BEG, SeeYa, 2NE1, 4Minute, Miss A, Girl's Day, WG
Solo artists I like: Gilme, Outsider, Ailee, Taru
Most listened song: Lies - BIGBANG and Survivor- DBSK
Favorite kpop rapper-Male(voice): T.O.P.(BIGBANG) , Bang Yong Guk(BAP), P.O.(block B),Tae Woon(SPEED)
(flow): Zelo(BAP), Outsider, Tablo
Favorite kpop rapper-Female(voice): Yoobin(WG), JuHyun(Spica), Bekah(AS), Eunjung(T-ara)
(flow):Miryo(BEG),LE (EXID), Gilme, Tasha
Favorite voice-Male:
Favorite voice-Female:
No, there are too many for me to write...
10 Kpop men I want to abduct and marry: Yoon Doojoon(B2ST), Jaejoong and Yoochun (DBSK->JYJ), T.O.P and GD(BIGBANG), Heechul(SuJu), Taecyeon(2PM), Daehyun(B.A.P.), Dongwoo(INFINITE), Jaehyo(Block B) *It was very hard narrowing the list down to 10 people*


Stamataw edw :)

PS:Xairomai polu na gnwrizw kai allous fan ths Kpop *.*
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안녕하세요 ~~
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